Japan Requests U.S. To bar Popular Websites

Inside a recent effort to enhance recovery efforts in the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, the military will quickly block the use of certain websites from the network. Japanese military has reported these sites are not being blocked because of any content reason but solely to enhance the bandwidth essential for militaristic needs. On Monday the U.S. Pacific Command received a request to bar the 13 highest traffic usage sites popular on military networks for example YouTube, Google Video, Amazon, eBay, Myspace, and MTV.com.

On the more interesting note towards the bandwidth control may be the continuing use of Facebook in Japan. The website is considered one of the highest bandwidth usage portals in the area, but it will stay ready to go due to its growing use by deployed military personnel. Facebook is easily the most common way to remain in contact with loved ones and was chose to be an important tool within the recovery of the disaster.

Strategic Military Command spokesperson Rodney Ellison stated to CNN.com,  “This is really a response to a time of extreme interest in networks. This blockage is going to be of a temporary nature and could increase or reduction in the size and scope as necessary. We’re doing this to facilitate the recovery efforts under means by Japan. We are attempting to make sure we are providing them with as many avenues so that as much support once we can.”


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