Affiliate Disclosure

If Isn’t apparent I make money from this website because I make money from the iPage affiliate program. iPage offers an affiliate program that allows me to advertise for them and recommend their service when you click on the link to go to the official iPage website and sign up for their service I make a small commission I do this because I firmly believe that iPage is a great web hosting company and offers great services for a discounted rate.

Affiliate programs are a great way to make money on the Internet without much work or knowledge in HTML or website coding or anything like unto that if you want to learn about how to make money with affiliate programs Google affiliate marketing and you will get some good ideas on how you can start making some money yourself in order to actually make money you’re going to need a website eventually and I recommend you go with iPage. iPage allows you to have unlimited websites unlimited domains and unlimited space and storage they also allow one click WordPress installations and 1-Click other scripts that allow you to get started fast.

Affiliate programs work like this a company wants to get more business so what they do is they offer an affiliate program this is a program that anyone can go to their website sign up for and get a unique tracking link that allows them to post that link anywhere on the Internet and whatever a purchases made or some kind of transaction is made that link it’s tracked back to you allows you to make a commission based on whatever the item purchased.

With this particular program the iPage company pays me up to $150 for every person that signs up for web posting with iPage iPage is a great web hosting company and only charges a dollar or two dollars a month for their shared web hosting plan shared web posting is a great plan for people that are trying to just get started with web hosting shared hosting allows you to host unlimited websites for a cheap price unless you are a large company you really do not need dedicated hosting and shared hosting will do just fine for you.

A lot of people are looking for a job they can do from home especially mothers college students and more affiliate programs are a great way that you can make money from home and doesn’t require much work or effort to get started so go ahead and Google affiliate programs today and try to find an affiliate program that works good for you and something that you’re familiar about so you can easily write on the topic or subject.

I know this is a little bit more than an affiliate disclosure but I wanted to let you know that you too can make money from affiliate programs and just so you know I make money from this website and from a purchases made or sign-ups from iPage affiliate program for this website thank you.